The facility producing john deere tractors and combine harvesters has opened in Domodedovo, Moscow Oblast, a mere nine months since the plans were revealed at the Russia-US business forum. The $100M investment by John Deere is seen as a calculated gamble, given Russia’s vast natural resources, and the growing need for more and more food, particularly grains, as much of the world’s arable land is already being intensively farmed. John Deere, as the world’s largest manufacturer of advanced agricultural aand forestry equipment and services, are now perfectly placed to help to expand this market, which has almost unlimited potential in the vast spaces of Russia. forestry management practices, before adding, These are critical to the health and development of large-scale farming and forestry. They also tend to be a good match for the capabilities of John Deere products. The Russian authorities are keen to hugely increase their grain yield, as well as other renewable resources, and Allen says that Deere are firmly behind those plans, Russia has great advantages in all these areas and the potential to become one of the world’s major food-producing regions, he said, before asserting that Russia has, truly immense potential as a major provider of the renewable resources so vital to the world’s economic and social well-being. Apart form the factory in Domodedovo, Deere now has a manufacturing facility in Orenburg, near to the Kazakhstan border, as well as premises in Moscow and St. Petursburg, and in excess of 70 dealers and service and sales premises across Russia.

McCormick France sas

As weaknesses in the global economic climate continue, the impact on our industry in general has been well documented. With tractor sales declining over the past few years, many businesses have needed to realign their industrial strategy to cope with this shift in the market place. Argo Tractors spa is no exception. Over the past 2 years, Argo Tractors has put in place a wide range of actions that have been designed to deliver a competitive edge. These include investment in processes, innovation, as well as in ongoing commercial activities. Underpinning this investment program have been key focused strategies to strengthen quality, product development and the business organization as a whole.

Despite all the above actions being pursued, McCormick France sas based in St.Dizier, France, is now facing the necessity to be liquidated. The industrial strategy put in place by Argo Tractors spa will ensure continued supply of the whole McCormick and Landini product range to the world-wide distribution network, including ongoing supply of service parts.

As far as France is specifically concerned, Argo Tractors spa is maintaining an important foothold in the market through its affiliated commercial company Argo France sas. Argo France sas will continue to distribute the McCormick and Landini product range through it’s network of dealers. After-sales service, parts supply and the necessary commercial support to achieve corporate objectives within the market will continue as they do today.

Through improved financial and industrial performance, Argo Tractors spa is committed to the ongoing strong and healthy development of the McCormick and Landini distribution both in France and in the rest of the world.

EIMA 2010: John Deere launch new 8R with particulate filters

John Deere has chosen a different approach to next-level emissions control and pitched in at EIMA with the first European showing of an 8R Series tractor spec’d to meet the Euro Stage 3B/US Tier 4 Interim rules that kick in above 175hp from the beginning of 2011.

Available from March next year, the 8360R on display is the most powerful of the five models, all of which are powered by a PowerTech PSX 9-litre six-cylinder engine developing more torque and an extra 15hp in each case.

This engine will introduce UK tractor drivers to exhaust filtration for the first time. Housed in a large diameter chamber at the base of the exhaust stack, the gas treatment unit contains an oxidation catalyst to tackle carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and some particulate matter, and a particulate filter to remove “soot”.

The filter automatically cleans itself periodically by burning off deposits using a shot of diesel. The resulting small accumulation of ash that remains is removed when the tractor is serviced.

Other emissions-tackling technologies already used on 8R Series tractors include exhaust gas recirculation to regulate production of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and a variable geometry turbocharger in combination with a more powerful engine management system.

Landini innovations at Eima International 2010

A historic brand that has contributed in a decisive way towards the development of agricultural machinery in Italy. Backed by long experience, Landini now faces the future with technological innovation that reflects in all the tractor ranges, always a focal point with the manufacturer as it strives to progressively improve the performance of the machines and ensure that their characteristics conform to the users’ requirements to an increasingly greater degree. Thus, innovations from Landini will certainly not be lacking at this year’s Eima trade fair, as the company will be on show with a technological array that involves all production areas, from specialized to open-field tractors through to the crawler models. Restyling and technological upgrading, but also versions to complete the ranges and use of new generation Perkins engines, decidedly more powerful and able to provide a better performance. Upgrading that involves some of the most important Landini models: the 5-H 115 Series, Powermondial 120 and the ultra-specialized Rex 120, which is now the most powerful “orchard” tractor currently available on the market.
But Eima 2010 will also be an important chance for Landini to manifest its pride in being an all-Italian enterprise, something that will be celebrated with a logo affixed to all the tractors marketed in Italy and that, besides the words “Made in Italy”, will also sport the tricolour flag.
This initiative will begin on 1 January 2011 and, besides paying homage to the technical-industrial know-how of an area that is a center of excellence where machinery is concerned, it is also a tribute to another event that will take place next year, the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy.
Lastly, some of the ranges have also been given a re-vamped look, so as to offer a product that’s up to date in every way.

LANDINI’s POWERMONDIAL 120 tractor with Dual Power
The range has been completed with a powerful, high-performance top model.

This range, which is an excellent choice for both light work and heavier duty operations in the open fields, now comprises the Powermondial 110, 115 and 120 models.
The main feature of the new Powermondial 120 model is its electronically controlled 4-cylinder Perkins Turbo aftercooler engine that provides a particularly high performance. The maximum ISO power rating of this new engine is 112 HP, but it is able to supply 121 HP at the PTO.
It is actually a dual power engine. As well as the standard 112 HP power rating, it can provide 121 HP in the boosted mode. The transmission is designed for a speed of 50 kph or 40 kph at 1900 RPM, the economy transport rate, and can also be used with a front power lift and PTO. There’s a new windscreen with a wiper driven from above for better visibility at the front, while the hydraulic circuit functions with an oversized pump able to supply 60 liters per minute. The rear control valves have been installed in different positions to allow a wider variety of couplings to be used. Since the top speed is now higher, the braking capacity has also been increased by installing booster brake pumps that achieve decelerations well below the values required by the European standards. The electronically controlled hydraulic reverse shuttle has also been re-vamped and now includes the “Shuttle Modulation Control”, which allows the operator to modulate the action of the unit to suit the implement used.

LANDINI 5-H Series tractor
Besides its superior class features, the 5-H series also reflects the higher powered models in appearance and now includes a new, more powerful model.

Landini’s tractor series has been given a re-vamped look, just like the models in the higher range. The restyling process has particularly concerned the bonnet which, thanks to its new design, now reflects the Landini family feeling. Moreover, the 5-H series now sports the new 115 engine, thus this innovative range also includes a 110 HP tractor. All the models in the series will be available in the Top and Techno versions.

LANDINI Rex tractors
New models with 3-cylinder engines. New Rex 90S. New 120 engine for the entire REX F, GT and GE range.

After the recent restyling process to which the orchard range was subjected, the Rex F series will be presented for the first time at an international venue with the pioneering 3-cylinder 79 HP Tier 3 Perkins engine that provides a good performance and complies with all the new standards.
The Rex 90S tractor with its restyled bonnet will also be revealed to the general public for the very first time. This machine features a much more advanced hydraulic circuit, optimized PTO engagement, a more accurately regulated power lift and a tighter turning radius. Rear and front PTOs are also available.
The improvements made to the cab interior have added to the degree of comfort and are a decisive feature of the range as the controls have been set in new positions and the cockpit has become much more spacious and comfortable.
Moreover, the Rex range now sports the new 70 and 120 engine, thus this innovative range include a 68 and 110 HP tractors.

LANDINI Mistral Series tractors with the new cab
The Mistral series acquires a higher level of comfort, making work easier and less tiring for the operator.

Well known for being versatile and easy to handle, the Mistral series now sports a new and modern cab with 4 pillars that greatly improves the visibility. Besides featuring a more up-to-date design, the new cab provides a superior level of comfort for the operator with improved pressurization, less noise perceived and the absence of dust inside. Moreover, the cab interior is perfectly air conditioned thanks to the new and more efficient (+15%) air conditioning system.

The new Technofarm 70 model adds to the range.

Landini’s Technofarm series of utility tractors, only available in the “80” version to date, now includes the new “Technofarm 70” model which widens the scope of this particular range to a greater extent.
Sturdy and plainly built, this new tractor is equipped with a 68 HP 3-cylinder Perkins Turbo aftercooler engine.

LANDINI Trekker Series tractors
The range has been restyled to provide improved comfort for the operator plus superior technological features.

The Trekker series has been renewed both as to comfort and efficiency. Thanks to this restyling process, the tractor is now equipped with a new, comfortable seat, while the controls (especially the levers and pedals) have been sited in differently ergonomic positions that make work more comfortable in the tractor, which is now easier to operate.
The features of the range have also been improved: the lifting capacity of the rear power lift has been increased by using 2 supplementary external hydraulic cylinders (optional). Moreover, the power lift can be regulated with greater accuracy as its sensitivity has also been optimized.
Landini’s crawler models now feature new control valves which, thanks to use of a hydraulic engine, allow the tractors to be used with implements that require a continuous supply of oil (e.g. pruning attachments).
The tractors can also be equipped with hydraulic front taps.
Lastly, these new Trekker tractors include an electrohydraulic control for the PTO and a new 3-point hitch that allows the implements to be raised further from the ground.

Landini’s S.A.F.E. safety device
Awarded at Eima as a technical innovation, Landini’s S.a.f.e. (Safety Assistance Full Effective) device, is the first preventive safety device to be built into the tractors by the manufacturer. It has been applied to the Rex series, a range of specialized tractors often used on slopes, rugged ground and in extreme conditions, that will certainly benefit from this new system.
The device, which uses information obtained from the CAN BUS network, assesses the overall operating conditions of the tractor-implement combination in real time so as to keep the operator constantly informed about the risk level in which he is working.
A display in the cab informs the driver about the current risk level by means of concentric circle icons of different colours: green means there is no risk, yellow indicates an imminent hazard while red warns of a high risk. An intermittent acoustic signal will also activate if the high risk situation is detected.
Besides preventing the main causes of accidents, Landini’s S.a.f.e. is a trail-blazer in the field of safety as it achieves the very highest level of tractor-implement integration for the purpose of active prevention, i.e. by directly acting on the functions of the machine as it works. A new era for field work safety.

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