EIMA 2010: John Deere launch new 8R with particulate filters

John Deere has chosen a different approach to next-level emissions control and pitched in at EIMA with the first European showing of an 8R Series tractor spec’d to meet the Euro Stage 3B/US Tier 4 Interim rules that kick in above 175hp from the beginning of 2011.

Available from March next year, the 8360R on display is the most powerful of the five models, all of which are powered by a PowerTech PSX 9-litre six-cylinder engine developing more torque and an extra 15hp in each case.

This engine will introduce UK tractor drivers to exhaust filtration for the first time. Housed in a large diameter chamber at the base of the exhaust stack, the gas treatment unit contains an oxidation catalyst to tackle carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and some particulate matter, and a particulate filter to remove “soot”.

The filter automatically cleans itself periodically by burning off deposits using a shot of diesel. The resulting small accumulation of ash that remains is removed when the tractor is serviced.

Other emissions-tackling technologies already used on 8R Series tractors include exhaust gas recirculation to regulate production of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and a variable geometry turbocharger in combination with a more powerful engine management system.


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