McCormick France sas

As weaknesses in the global economic climate continue, the impact on our industry in general has been well documented. With tractor sales declining over the past few years, many businesses have needed to realign their industrial strategy to cope with this shift in the market place. Argo Tractors spa is no exception. Over the past 2 years, Argo Tractors has put in place a wide range of actions that have been designed to deliver a competitive edge. These include investment in processes, innovation, as well as in ongoing commercial activities. Underpinning this investment program have been key focused strategies to strengthen quality, product development and the business organization as a whole.

Despite all the above actions being pursued, McCormick France sas based in St.Dizier, France, is now facing the necessity to be liquidated. The industrial strategy put in place by Argo Tractors spa will ensure continued supply of the whole McCormick and Landini product range to the world-wide distribution network, including ongoing supply of service parts.

As far as France is specifically concerned, Argo Tractors spa is maintaining an important foothold in the market through its affiliated commercial company Argo France sas. Argo France sas will continue to distribute the McCormick and Landini product range through it’s network of dealers. After-sales service, parts supply and the necessary commercial support to achieve corporate objectives within the market will continue as they do today.

Through improved financial and industrial performance, Argo Tractors spa is committed to the ongoing strong and healthy development of the McCormick and Landini distribution both in France and in the rest of the world.


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