The facility producing john deere tractors and combine harvesters has opened in Domodedovo, Moscow Oblast, a mere nine months since the plans were revealed at the Russia-US business forum. The $100M investment by John Deere is seen as a calculated gamble, given Russia’s vast natural resources, and the growing need for more and more food, particularly grains, as much of the world’s arable land is already being intensively farmed. John Deere, as the world’s largest manufacturer of advanced agricultural aand forestry equipment and services, are now perfectly placed to help to expand this market, which has almost unlimited potential in the vast spaces of Russia. forestry management practices, before adding, These are critical to the health and development of large-scale farming and forestry. They also tend to be a good match for the capabilities of John Deere products. The Russian authorities are keen to hugely increase their grain yield, as well as other renewable resources, and Allen says that Deere are firmly behind those plans, Russia has great advantages in all these areas and the potential to become one of the world’s major food-producing regions, he said, before asserting that Russia has, truly immense potential as a major provider of the renewable resources so vital to the world’s economic and social well-being. Apart form the factory in Domodedovo, Deere now has a manufacturing facility in Orenburg, near to the Kazakhstan border, as well as premises in Moscow and St. Petursburg, and in excess of 70 dealers and service and sales premises across Russia.


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