Landini innovations at SIMA 2011

Landini in Sima
Landini looks to the future with technological innovation which reflects in all the tractor ranges. The objective being to improve the performance of the machines and ensure that their characteristics conform to the users’ requirements. Innovations from Landini will certainly not be lacking at Sima 2011, as the company will be on show with a technological array that involves all production areas, particularly the medium-power “Open field” segment. As well as showing new products, a number of existing models have been upgraded. Some of the most important models, for example, Powermondial, 5-H Series and the ultra-specialized Rex 120 (which is now the most powerful “orchard” tractor currently available on the market) have all received attention. The new 1 Series completes Landini’s current range in the compact and utility tractor segment and will be launched at SIMA 2011.

LANDINI’s POWERMONDIAL 120 tractor with Dual Power
The range has been completed with a powerful, high-performance top model.

This range, which is an excellent choice for both light work and heavier duty operations in the open fields, now comprises the Powermondial 110, 115 and 120 models.
The main feature of the new Powermondial 120 model is its electronically controlled Perkins 4-cylinder Turbo aftercooler engine that provides a particularly high performance. Thanks to the Dual Power system, the new engine is able to boost engine power to as much as 121 HP despite its 112 HP power rating.
The transmission has been designed for a speeds up to 50 kph although there will be no 50kph option at this point in time. At 40 kph at engine revs will be 1,830 RPM, the economy transport rate, and can also be used with a front power lift and PTO. Visibility through the cab new windscreen has been improved by relocating the wiper motor, while the hydraulic system receives a new pump delivering up to 60 litres per minute. The rear control valves have been installed in different positions to allow a wider variety of couplings to be used. Braking capacity has also been increased by installing a brake booster system helping to achieve better deceleration rates well below the values required by the European standards. Lastly, the electronically controlled hydraulic reverse shuttle has also been re-vamped and now includes the “Shuttle Modulation Control” function. This allows the operator to modulate the action of the unit to suit the implement used.

LANDINI 5H Series Tractors
Besides its superior class features, the 5-H series now reflects the styling of the higher hp models in appearance and now boasts a new, more powerful model.

The 5-H Series has been given a re-vamped look, just like the models in the higher range. The restyling process has particularly concerned the bonnet which, thanks to its new design, now reflects the Landini family feeling. Moreover, the 5-H series now sports the new 5-115H model with its power packed 110 HP engine. All the models in the series will be available in the Top and Techno versions.

LANDINI Rex Tractors
New models with 3-cylinder engines. New Rex 90S. New 70 and 120 engines for the entire REX F, GT and GE range.

After the recent presentation of the new orchard range, the Rex F series now features the pioneering Perkins 3-cylinder 68 and 79 HP Tier 3 turbo aftercooler engines that provide a good performance and comply with all the new standards. The Rex 90S tractor has also been renewed, especially the bonnet and features like the a much more advanced hydraulic circuit, optimized PTO engagement, more accurate power lift regulation and a tighter turning radius. Rear and front PTOs are also available. The improvements made to the cab interior have added to the degree of comfort and are a decisive feature of the range as the controls have been set in new positions and the cab has become much more spacious and comfortable. Moreover, the Rex series now sports the new 70 and 120 engines, thus the range includes both 68 and a 110 HP tractors.

LANDINI Mistral Series tractors with the new cab
The Mistral series acquires an even higher level of comfort, making work easier and less tiring for the operator.

Well known for being versatile and easy to handle, the Mistral series now comes with a new and 4 post cab that greatly improves visibility. Besides featuring a more up-to-date design, the new cab provides a superior level of comfort for the operator with improved pressurization, less noise and better sealing capabilities. The cab can also be equipped with the new and more efficient (+15%) air conditioning system.

The new Technofarm 70 model added to the range.

Landini’s Technofarm series, a range utility tractors, has only been available in the “80” version. New to range is the “Technofarm 70” model, thus widening the scope of this particular range to an even greater extent.
Sturdy and strongly built, this new tractor is equipped with a 68 HP Perkins 3-cylinder Turbo aftercooler engine.

Landini 1 SERIES
The new 1 Series completes Landini’s current range in the compact and utility tractor segment.

Landini launches a new range of tractors from 22 to 91 HP using modern water cooled engines in both 3 and 4 cylinders variants. Although compact in size, these tractors, all of which have selectable four wheel drive, provide excellent performance, manoeuvrability as well as good operator comfort. The range includes 9 horsepower ratings with a choice of hydrostatic or mechanical transmissions. Cab versions are available for some models.
Whatever the task be it agricultural, horticultural or grounds maintenance these machines will provide the power and capability to do the job. Their sturdy construction also allows them to operate with a front loader adding greater flexibility.

Landini is a brand owned by Argo Tractors SpA. Argo Tractors, with its headquarters in Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia), manufactures tractors under the Landini, McCormick and Valpadana brands and belongs to the Argo Industrial Group. Argo Tractors SpA has tripled its production volumes in little more than 10 years, with a remarkable growth in concrete results: in 2009, the group turnover amounted to 447 million Euros. The enterprise numbers 2,000 employees and has 3 manufacturing plants, 8 business branches in various parts of the world, 130 overseas importers and 2,500 dealers. Statistics that have allowed the Landini, McCormick and Valpadana brands to achieve a significant standing in the domestic tractor market and to represent one of the most important international players, thus confirming the value of a successful group strategy.

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