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Rising to a high of 40 storeys along Beach Road, Concourse Skyline is a distinctive urban building that offers home owners exceptional views, uncompromised luxury, and the privilege of being in the heart of Singapore’s brand new downtown. Concourse Skyline is located between Marina Bay and Kallang Bay, two important downtown precincts which are undergoing multi-billion dollar rejuvenation.

Apartments at Concourse Skyline feature regular layouts to allow optimal usage of space. Meanwhile, an abundance of windows throughout help brighten the living space and treat residents to superb views of sea and the city. Of course, an olympionic swimming pool and fitness centre, as well as shops and International restaurants can not miss.

Easy to understand that such a luxury building needs a constant and careful attention for indoor and outdoor maintenance with the most efficient solutions to grant max levels of customer perception.  

RAGNO TSJ 35/R has been chosen to reach the necessary heights with the stowed dimensions requested by the structure. Powered by hybrid execution, the platform can operate outdoor with the diesel and indoor electrically in total autonomy thank to the battery. Ragno TSJ 35/R works, in fact, inside the various building areas such as the hall and hi-tech rooms in total silence and low impact.


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