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Rising to a high of 40 storeys along Beach Road, Concourse Skyline is a distinctive urban building that offers home owners exceptional views, uncompromised luxury, and the privilege of being in the heart of Singapore’s brand new downtown. Concourse Skyline is located between Marina Bay and Kallang Bay, two important downtown precincts which are undergoing multi-billion dollar rejuvenation.

Apartments at Concourse Skyline feature regular layouts to allow optimal usage of space. Meanwhile, an abundance of windows throughout help brighten the living space and treat residents to superb views of sea and the city. Of course, an olympionic swimming pool and fitness centre, as well as shops and International restaurants can not miss.

Easy to understand that such a luxury building needs a constant and careful attention for indoor and outdoor maintenance with the most efficient solutions to grant max levels of customer perception.  

RAGNO TSJ 35/R has been chosen to reach the necessary heights with the stowed dimensions requested by the structure. Powered by hybrid execution, the platform can operate outdoor with the diesel and indoor electrically in total autonomy thank to the battery. Ragno TSJ 35/R works, in fact, inside the various building areas such as the hall and hi-tech rooms in total silence and low impact.



John Deere fights against cell towers that disrupt GPS



MOLINE, Ill. — After focusing on moving earth for agriculture and industry for most of its 174-year history, Deere and Co. now is fighting for its place in the skies.

eere chairman and chief executive officer Samuel Allen has aligned the manufacturer with military and aviation interests against a broadband proposal by Virginia-based LightSquared. Allen said LightSquared’s proposal for 40,000 new cellphone towers in rural areas would push the global-positioning systems in farmers’ tractors and combines further down the band, compromising movements across the fields.

“It’s not a money issue for us; we contract with GPS providers,” Allen said. “But precision agriculture is vital.”

Lightsquared has said it would resolve potential interference for most GPS users. The Federal Communications Commission is due to report on the matter later this summer, but Allen thinks ultimately Congress will make the final call.

The engineer in the 57-year-old Allen is comfortable he’s on the right side of the technology in the Lightsquared dustup. What makes him nervous is the politics.

“What I worry about more than anything in this business is government action, particularly if it comes suddenly,” said Allen. “We can handle volatile commodity prices and mechanical and engineering problems. It’s always the public issues that worry me.”

In a wide-ranging interview at Deere’s Eero Saarinen-designed corporate headquarters in Moline this month, Allen talked about Deere’s business, the agriculture industry, golf and other topics.

To ease his edginess about the vagaries of politics, Allen is confident that high commodity prices will continue and will be something of a buffer against the expected changes in ethanol tax policies or the farm bill next year.

As head of the world’s biggest maker of agricultural equipment, Allen is automatically a senior statesman in agriculture.

The boom in agriculture and partial recovery of the industrial equipment sector has put Deere Financial, the company’s credit arm, on stronger ground.

But Deere Financial has developed a unique problem.

“We have to be creative to find ways to get financing business for agricultural customers, because they are in such good cash position now that our biggest competition for credit business is the farmer with cash,” Allen said.

Allen is a Big Green lifer who joined the company in 1975 after receiving an industrial engineering degree from Purdue University.

He succeeded Robert Lane as CEO in 2009 after being president of Deere’s Worldwide Construction and Forestry Division. Earlier he oversaw human resources and credit operations and from 1999 to 2001 was Deere’s senior officer in China.

Allen’s first year as CEO in 2009 was rocky. A dip in agricultural commodity prices and the construction recession forced Deere to temporarily lay off more than 1,400 workers .

While agricultural equipment sales held their own in the post-2008 recession, a plunge in sales of industrial and forestry equipment to 50-year lows took Deere’s stock down from $73 per share in mid-2008 to less than $40 per share when Allen became CEO 49 months ago.

But in the last year Deere has caught a break as corn, wheat and cotton prices have doubled, soybeans are up more than 50 percent and construction activity has picked up.

Deere’s shares reached $92 per share earlier this summer and the company has forecast double-digit increases of sales along most of its product lines.

Numbers like those impress shareholders and analysts, as well as dealers and farmers.

Second-generation Deere dealer John Sindt of Mount Vernon now has six locations in eastern Iowa. “Bob Lane added a lot of value for shareholders, but I think Sam is a little more in touch with dealers and customers,” he said.

“What helps sell Deere in Iowa is how big and visible the company is around the state,” he said. “There are all those plants and so many employees, and people understand that.”

Allen’s low-key approach won over Mike Brelsford, a Perry-area farmer. Brelsford had reason to appreciate Deere’s pioneering approach to equipment.

Brelsford was one of the first buyers of Deere’s 48-row planter, and the machine paid off this spring when corn planting was delayed until late April by wet, cold conditions.

“We started on April 30 and got our entire corn and bean crop, over 5,000 acres, planted in 10 days,” said Brelsford. “That included several moves of 30 miles or more.”

Brelsford was just an extreme example of the power of modern big equipment agriculture, which uses 24 and 16-row planters pulled by tractors with 500 or more horsepower and 16-row cornheads on combines.

“Industrial” agriculture is a frequent target for critics. But to Brelsford, bigness is simply an answer to a problem.

“It’s so hard to get help these days, you need the big equipment,” said Brelsford.


Yağmur Tarım today produces various tractors and motor-hoes more than 25 from 5 bg to 17 bg with the brands of Yagmur and Valpadana. Anchoring underside the trees in the fruit, hazelnut, pistachio and vegetable gardens where the big tractors can not enter and the Motorized Anchoring Machines and Hand Tractors which are used for the transportation purpose is a very useful and low-cost solution for the fruit and vegetable producers having low income and small lands.


Efsane 40W series tractor is designed to work in orchards, vineyards and in the open field with its compact and light build. With its compact dimensions and a turning radius of only 3.50m the Efsane 40W gets to where it is needed easily. During the researches Yağmur used its countless experiences to develop Efsane 40W to reach its maximum capabilities. The water cooled 4-cylinder Lombardini engine of Efsane 40W produce 40.8 HP power output. With its four-wheel drive the Efsane reaches maximum productivity and maximum speed of 30 km/h. The 12 synchronized transmission ensures high efficient usage of all types of equipments, double effected power lift make the use of special equipment and trailer working easier. We gave priority to comfort and safety on Efsane 40W with adjustable seat, easily approachable controls and easily legible dashboard. Friendly with the environment with its low noise level and low emission rates, as well as attention shown on safety of the operator.


TYM – Tong Yang Moolsan Company


Landini innovations at SIMA 2011

Landini in Sima
Landini looks to the future with technological innovation which reflects in all the tractor ranges. The objective being to improve the performance of the machines and ensure that their characteristics conform to the users’ requirements. Innovations from Landini will certainly not be lacking at Sima 2011, as the company will be on show with a technological array that involves all production areas, particularly the medium-power “Open field” segment. As well as showing new products, a number of existing models have been upgraded. Some of the most important models, for example, Powermondial, 5-H Series and the ultra-specialized Rex 120 (which is now the most powerful “orchard” tractor currently available on the market) have all received attention. The new 1 Series completes Landini’s current range in the compact and utility tractor segment and will be launched at SIMA 2011.

LANDINI’s POWERMONDIAL 120 tractor with Dual Power
The range has been completed with a powerful, high-performance top model.

This range, which is an excellent choice for both light work and heavier duty operations in the open fields, now comprises the Powermondial 110, 115 and 120 models.
The main feature of the new Powermondial 120 model is its electronically controlled Perkins 4-cylinder Turbo aftercooler engine that provides a particularly high performance. Thanks to the Dual Power system, the new engine is able to boost engine power to as much as 121 HP despite its 112 HP power rating.
The transmission has been designed for a speeds up to 50 kph although there will be no 50kph option at this point in time. At 40 kph at engine revs will be 1,830 RPM, the economy transport rate, and can also be used with a front power lift and PTO. Visibility through the cab new windscreen has been improved by relocating the wiper motor, while the hydraulic system receives a new pump delivering up to 60 litres per minute. The rear control valves have been installed in different positions to allow a wider variety of couplings to be used. Braking capacity has also been increased by installing a brake booster system helping to achieve better deceleration rates well below the values required by the European standards. Lastly, the electronically controlled hydraulic reverse shuttle has also been re-vamped and now includes the “Shuttle Modulation Control” function. This allows the operator to modulate the action of the unit to suit the implement used.

LANDINI 5H Series Tractors
Besides its superior class features, the 5-H series now reflects the styling of the higher hp models in appearance and now boasts a new, more powerful model.

The 5-H Series has been given a re-vamped look, just like the models in the higher range. The restyling process has particularly concerned the bonnet which, thanks to its new design, now reflects the Landini family feeling. Moreover, the 5-H series now sports the new 5-115H model with its power packed 110 HP engine. All the models in the series will be available in the Top and Techno versions.

LANDINI Rex Tractors
New models with 3-cylinder engines. New Rex 90S. New 70 and 120 engines for the entire REX F, GT and GE range.

After the recent presentation of the new orchard range, the Rex F series now features the pioneering Perkins 3-cylinder 68 and 79 HP Tier 3 turbo aftercooler engines that provide a good performance and comply with all the new standards. The Rex 90S tractor has also been renewed, especially the bonnet and features like the a much more advanced hydraulic circuit, optimized PTO engagement, more accurate power lift regulation and a tighter turning radius. Rear and front PTOs are also available. The improvements made to the cab interior have added to the degree of comfort and are a decisive feature of the range as the controls have been set in new positions and the cab has become much more spacious and comfortable. Moreover, the Rex series now sports the new 70 and 120 engines, thus the range includes both 68 and a 110 HP tractors.

LANDINI Mistral Series tractors with the new cab
The Mistral series acquires an even higher level of comfort, making work easier and less tiring for the operator.

Well known for being versatile and easy to handle, the Mistral series now comes with a new and 4 post cab that greatly improves visibility. Besides featuring a more up-to-date design, the new cab provides a superior level of comfort for the operator with improved pressurization, less noise and better sealing capabilities. The cab can also be equipped with the new and more efficient (+15%) air conditioning system.

The new Technofarm 70 model added to the range.

Landini’s Technofarm series, a range utility tractors, has only been available in the “80” version. New to range is the “Technofarm 70” model, thus widening the scope of this particular range to an even greater extent.
Sturdy and strongly built, this new tractor is equipped with a 68 HP Perkins 3-cylinder Turbo aftercooler engine.

Landini 1 SERIES
The new 1 Series completes Landini’s current range in the compact and utility tractor segment.

Landini launches a new range of tractors from 22 to 91 HP using modern water cooled engines in both 3 and 4 cylinders variants. Although compact in size, these tractors, all of which have selectable four wheel drive, provide excellent performance, manoeuvrability as well as good operator comfort. The range includes 9 horsepower ratings with a choice of hydrostatic or mechanical transmissions. Cab versions are available for some models.
Whatever the task be it agricultural, horticultural or grounds maintenance these machines will provide the power and capability to do the job. Their sturdy construction also allows them to operate with a front loader adding greater flexibility.

Landini is a brand owned by Argo Tractors SpA. Argo Tractors, with its headquarters in Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia), manufactures tractors under the Landini, McCormick and Valpadana brands and belongs to the Argo Industrial Group. Argo Tractors SpA has tripled its production volumes in little more than 10 years, with a remarkable growth in concrete results: in 2009, the group turnover amounted to 447 million Euros. The enterprise numbers 2,000 employees and has 3 manufacturing plants, 8 business branches in various parts of the world, 130 overseas importers and 2,500 dealers. Statistics that have allowed the Landini, McCormick and Valpadana brands to achieve a significant standing in the domestic tractor market and to represent one of the most important international players, thus confirming the value of a successful group strategy.

Argo Tractors expands market coverage with new product families

Argo Tractors Spa announces an important milestone in its product development program with the addition of a new range of Compact and Utility tractors. Ranging from 22hp to 91hp the new range will compliment existing product lines offered by Argo Tractors.

The new product offering is the result of an OEM agreement with Korean manufacturer Daedong whereby Argo Tractors locally adapt and completes the units at it’s premises in Italy and North America for onward sale through selected McCormick and Landini distributors.

“We have finalised the OEM agreement with Daedong recognising the quality and capability of our Korean partner to offer product suitable to fill gaps in our current offering” says Mr. Valerio Morra (president of ArgoTractors Spa) “ certainly we are looking forward to explore other opportunities of cooperation with Daedong who have shown great willingness to develop future commercial and industrial synergies”.

“We have been successfully distributing Compact Tractors up to 55 Hp in North America, South Africa over the past 5 years and with smaller quantities in Spain and UK” says Simeone Morra (Argo Tractors Corporate Business Director), “we have been requested by our customers to expand our product offering in this niche market and by our distribution network to expand territorial coverage; we have been working over the past year to make sure we now present a competitive product range with significant benefits over the previous offer and we believe we have reached our goal”.

The new tractors will be available for sale starting Spring 2011 at McCormick and Landini dealers in selected countries namely Italy, France, Spain, UK, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, USA and Canada. The products are completely integrated within the McCormick and Landini families as far as technical and commercial support is concerned.

“The aim for ArgoTractors is to competitively position the new product families so that we attract customers who previously may not have considered McCormick or Landini products during their previous purchase decisions” adds Morra, “now they have more choice within our brands and our current and future dealers will benefit from the new business opportunity as well”.

This move follows on from the recent announcement that Argo Tractors will concentrate all resources on its tractor business and is an important step in the long term business development strategy.


The facility producing john deere tractors and combine harvesters has opened in Domodedovo, Moscow Oblast, a mere nine months since the plans were revealed at the Russia-US business forum. The $100M investment by John Deere is seen as a calculated gamble, given Russia’s vast natural resources, and the growing need for more and more food, particularly grains, as much of the world’s arable land is already being intensively farmed. John Deere, as the world’s largest manufacturer of advanced agricultural aand forestry equipment and services, are now perfectly placed to help to expand this market, which has almost unlimited potential in the vast spaces of Russia. forestry management practices, before adding, These are critical to the health and development of large-scale farming and forestry. They also tend to be a good match for the capabilities of John Deere products. The Russian authorities are keen to hugely increase their grain yield, as well as other renewable resources, and Allen says that Deere are firmly behind those plans, Russia has great advantages in all these areas and the potential to become one of the world’s major food-producing regions, he said, before asserting that Russia has, truly immense potential as a major provider of the renewable resources so vital to the world’s economic and social well-being. Apart form the factory in Domodedovo, Deere now has a manufacturing facility in Orenburg, near to the Kazakhstan border, as well as premises in Moscow and St. Petursburg, and in excess of 70 dealers and service and sales premises across Russia.